Thursday, 26 September 2013

TS2014 Steam Workshop - Two New Routes

Following the earlier release of TS2014 which provides extended workshop functionality in the way of being able to accept route submissions, I am pleased to announce the release of two routes.

City Lines V1

City Lines is an all new semi-fictional route created by DPSimulation set in Southern England.
Version 1 is only a small part of the network which is intended to be constantly upgraded over time in order to provide a sizeable network of lines, both through cityscapes and rural suburbs.
Version 1 is by no means complete, but it should allow the user to explore and drive what has been created so far.
Until the network is fully complete, user extensions of this route are not allowed unless for personal use only.
Over the coming days and weeks, work will continue on the already created sections to iron out any issues whilst I still learn the new features of the Steam Workshop. I then anticipate that regular updates will occur thereafter. 

Download either directly through the workshop on TS2014, or follow this link:  City Lines

Edinburgh to Glasgow - Scenery Extension V1

This is V1 of the scenery extension to the Edinburgh to Glasgow route taking in additional scenery from Larbert to Stirling. 

V1 is the first of what is intended to be several extensions of the route in various directions. 

Please note that due to the inability to upload custom objects and the lack of suitable content included with the route, Stirling does not have a platform base, only invisible splines which will allow passenger loading/unloading.

Download either directly through the workshop on TS2014, or follow this link:   E&G Extension V1

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