Thursday, 10 April 2014

DPSimulation - Direct Links

Just a quick heads up regarding something that is starting to become a big problem with regards to the downloading of content from DPSimulation.

On various websites and forums, users are persisting on extracting the download link to content and posting it, therefore meaning the user does not have to visit the DPSimulation website at all. Here is one of many examples.

As I am sure you are aware, much of the income to keep the website going relies on visitor throughput for advertising revenue, linking directly completely bypasses this and there is no need for it to be done.

If it continues, I'll probably have no option but to remove direct links altogether and introduce some sort of site sign up process where users are required to log in to receive a link to the content. This completely goes against my original vision for the site which was to provide an open source of free content which was easily downloadable.

If you do see people posting these direct links, could you please discourage them from doing so for the reasons stated above.

Just to clarify, it is fine to link to the site or page in question, in the case above it would be '' It is a direct link to the download which is the issue.

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