Sunday, 20 April 2014

Riveria Line - Scenario Pack Released

I am pleased to announce the release of an all new scenario pack for the 'Riviera Line' route.  Comprising of five scenarios and set in 2013/2014 the pack depicts the time before, during and after the February 2014 storm, the pack covers the Class 57, Class 43 HST, Class 150 and Class 143. The scenarios offer varying and challenging operations and give nearly four hours of further driving on this route.

Created using real timetables, this scenario pack features the following in order to give an engaging and realistic experience.

Prototypical consists
Prototypical passing AI
Adverse Signals & AI Interaction
Adverse Weather Conditions
Temporary Speed Restrictions
Custom Sounds
Custom Scenery

This scenario pack is included in the current Easter Sale and has been released with 10% off, priced at only £1.79. The pack can be viewed and purchased by following this link, which contains screenshots, a full list of requirements and a full description of each scenario in order to provide you with all the information needed before making a purchase.


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