Tuesday, 27 May 2014

DPSimulation Store – All In One Pack

Following the recent and well received test sale which bundled all scenario packs at a reduced price, I have decided to implement some changes following feedback.

When a customer previously did want to buy all packs, they all had to be added to the basket one by one, a time consuming process. I have now added a new option to the store page, which allows the purchase of all packs together for a reduced price, currently £11.99. This is a saving of £1.94 on the previous price of buying all seven packs at £13.93.

Any future scenario packs will be added to this bundle and the price adjusted accordingly, but will always have a discount over the cost of buying all packs.

This also enables a better platform for offering a sale on all packs, without the user having to spend time adding each product.

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