Saturday, 24 May 2014

Six New Class 31 Reskins

A bumper treat this morning for Class 31 fans with six new variations of the class, all owned by 'DCR' and in a variation of liveries. All require the newer Class 31 from Steam, and some also require marketplace variants for authenticity, details of the requirements for each locomotive are outlined on the download page.

And they are not only repainted! All of the reskins have had the physics tweaked, to better reflect the underpowered prototype and all variations come with an alternative .bin file to make use of the AP soundpack, instructions on how to implement this are in the accompanying readme files.

A big thanks to Richard for continuing this outstanding and high quality work.

All of these new reskins can be downloaded by following this link.



  1. I was wondering where you got the network rail MK2 and MK3 coaches? They look fantastic, especially with that dirty class 31!!

  2. Blimey, I very rarely get comments on the blog so didn't see them! I believe Richard was wanting to release these coaches, but mapping issues held them back.