Thursday, 16 February 2017

Steam Workshop - 5C19 - 1015 Preston [PRE] to Carlisle Kingmoor

I have just released a new scenario on the Steam Workshop.

Difficulty: Medium
Length: 80 Minutes Approx
Start Time: 10:17


This scenario was initially created for my own personal use and I therefore made use of what I own, with slight modifications now made for workshop compatibility, therefore this scenario has a LOT of requirements and although much of the stock used is now in the 'classics' range and available at a more reasonable price, I appreciate the requirements may exclude some users. I also have many further scenarios that utilise similar requirements and intend to upload these in due course.


Whilst working the early morning Cumbrian Coast service from Carlisle, the Mk2 coaches on this set have developed a CDL issue meaning the train has been pulled from service. An STP path has now been created for you to take the train back to Carlisle Kingmoor via the WCML. You will drive the section from Preston to Carlisle.


Starting at Preston, you are currently awaiting your path. Once given a clear signal, proceed non-stop to Carlisle, you have been given special dispensation to run the train at a maximum speed of 90mph where limits permit. As traffic is fairly light at this time of day, no delays are expected.


WCML Over Shap – Carlisle to Preston
Wherry Lines: Norwich to Great Yarmouth
London to Brighton
Class 390 EMU Pack
Class 150 DMU Pack
Class 156 DMU Pack
Class 220 'Crosscountry Voyager' Pack
Class 86 Locomotive Pack
Class 66 V2 'Freightliner' Pack
Class 70 'Freightliner' Pack (Also for MJA Wagons)

Class 350/4 'Transpennine Express' Repaint - DPSimulation
Class 390 'Virgin' Repaint – DPSimulation
Class 221 'Virgin' Repaint – DPSimulation
IOA 'Network Rail' Repaint – DPSimulation

To visit the DPSimulation Steam Workshop, please follow this link.  


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