Monday, 20 February 2017

Steam Workshop - The Buffer Puffer 11.0 Part 2

I have just released a new scenario on the Steam Workshop.

Difficulty: Medium
Length: 30 Minutes Approx
Start Time: 13:20


This afternoon you are in charge of a leg of the Buffer Puffer 11.0 railtour using a pair of DRS Class 37 locomotives and mk1 coaching stock. You will drive the section from Bromley Jcn to Stewarts Lane.


Starting at Bromley Jcn, you are currently awaiting your path. Once given a clear signal, proceed to Stewarts Lane. As you are not classed as a high priority service, you can expect to be held for passenger traffic.


I have tried to stay faithful to the timings on this leg of the original tour that ran on 25th January 2014. You will therefore find yourself waiting time at stations along your route. Although 37405 did run on this particular railtour, 37425 has had to substitute for 37610.

The 'Riviera Line in the Fifties' was chosen for the chocolate and cream coaching stock. Although steam heated, they were specifically chosen because the route was part of the TS2016 package and is likely to be owned by more users than any individual DLC that has similar coaches.

The weather setting should have been 'spring' to continue from part one on WCML Trent Valley. Unfortunately, the appearance of the foliage on South London Network has meant I have had to change this leg to summer.


South London Network
Wherry Lines: Norwich to Great Yarmouth (Steam)
Chatham Main Line - London to Gillingham
Riviera Line in the Fifties – Exeter to Kingswear (For Coaching Stock)
Class 319 'First Capital Connect' EMU Pack
Class 455/8 'Southern' EMU Pack

To visit the DPSimulation Steam Workshop, please follow this link.  

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