Tuesday, 3 December 2019

North East England - An Update

I haven't posted updates on this blog recently about the North East England route so it's probably time to get caught up. As it happens I now post regularly on Twitter so you keep up with what is happening even if you don't have an account there. If you do have an account then head over here and give me a follow!

Version 2 of the North East England route is now approaching a release and if you have been monitoring Twitter you will now have an idea of which areas are to be included, these are shown in the provisional map below.

I've also posted various screenshots of various locations in recent weeks, here are a few below and hopefully you like what you see and are looking forward to the release. 


Newton Aycliffe


Locomotion, Shildon


  1. Brilliant, really looking forward to this latest version!

  2. Shildon definitely looks good, can't wait for the next release.