Monday, 23 December 2019

Train Sim TV Stream Tonight - Northern Lines Electric

Train Sim TV will be live tonight at 19:45 with a special stream featuring the all new Northern Lines Electric route which will also be released at some point during the broadcast.
This is the modern representation to the original route that was released on Vulcan Productions. Production on the route has taken place over the last year. Starting off as a clone of the original route all the new track layouts have been added at Blackpool, Poulton and Kirkham. Many new custom assets have been added to this route such as custom stations at Blackpool, Poulton, Kirkham and Salwick. There are also plans to add a custom model of Preston in the near future. This is pending a research trip.
The route comes with 24 standard scenarios. "Please note that reading manual first is recommended to check you have correct stock" Free roam is also available to place your own stock in and there are basic quick drives for easy jump in and driving of your own consists.
The route will be released during the stream which will begin this evening at 1945GMT "23/12/19", you can find the Train Sim TV Twitch channel by clicking here.

The website is partially live for the routes release where you can download the manual prior to release of the route, this can be found by clicking here.


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