Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fort Kent Eagle Lake "Optimized" - Railworks 3

It has been announced that the Fort Kent Eagle Lake route for Railworks 3 will receive optimization to include TS2012 features. It is to be released this Thursday (19th January) and will be free of charge to existing users of the product. The following is taken from the RailSimulator.com website.

Available from January 19, the Fort Kent – Eagle Lake expansion pack has been optimized for Train Simulator 2012.

Developed by All Aboard, Fort Kent – Eagle Lake is set in the state of Maine, USA and runs for 19 miles almost to the Canadian border. The local industries provide plenty of switching work for the railroad engineers, and hours of entertainment for TS2012 players. Fort Kent – Eagle lake includes 20 scenarios so you have plenty of time to learn your way around this rural route with its industrial yards and small passenger stations.

Optimized from January 19 and upgraded free of charge to owners of the original version.

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