Wednesday, 25 January 2012

LMS Period 3 "Stanier" Passenger Coaches - Railworks 3

Long time creators and publishers for Microsoft Train Simulator, Making Tracks have now made the step into Railworks 3 content with the LMS Period 3 "Stanier" Passenger Coach Pack. Developed by Gordon (aptly nicknamed Gopher on UKTS), a prolific freeware developer who has created some much needed period stock for the program and published by MT, this pack is very reasonably priced at £6.99.

The following is taken from the Making Tracks website, where you can find further information, screenshots and the facility to buy this fantastic pack.

The LMS Period 3 "Stanier" coaches were built in large numbers by the LMS from 1933 the P3's could be found all over the LMS system. They were used in all types of train, from express to local stoppers. After nationalisation they could be found all over the BR system, not just the Midland Region, until the mid 1960's when they were removed from passenger operations. After withdrawal many took up duties as departmental stock.

What’s in the pack:-

The stock is supplied in LMS standard livery, BR Crimson & Cream (Blood & Custard) and BR Maroon.

Coach types included:

BR designation:

Brake Standard Corridor (BSK)
Composite Corridor (CK)
Standard Corridor (SK)
Restaurant Standard Open (RSO)

LMS designation:

Third Class Corridor Brake (CH)
Composite corridor (CC)
Corridor Third (CT)
Restaurant Third (RT)

All stock have passenger and non-passenger versions selectable in the scenario menu.
There is a BR SK without passengers and lighting for night static consist use.

All stock is supplied with Railworks controlled tail lamps.

There is a passenger view provided in the BR Composite Corridor(CK)/LMS Composite corridor(CC).

There are six scenarios included to get you going, set on the default Somerset&Dorset route using the P3 set and default stock.

A PDF manual is included with comprehensive details and instructions, including how to use the set in your own scenarios.

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