Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Ohio Steel 2 - Released 12 January - Railworks 3

Developed by reputable US creators All Aboard Rails, the latest in their line of high quality addons for Railworks 3 is to be released next week, January 12th. Named Ohio Steel 2, the route is an upgrade of the original Ohio Steel route and features everything included in the original release plus much, much more. The following is taken from the website.

Ohio Steel 2 puts you straight into the cab of an SD40-2 during the boom years of steel production around Dover, Ohio.

An upgrade and expansion of the original Ohio Steel by All Aboard, Ohio Steel 2 includes everything from the original pack, plus an extension to Massillon, new blast furnace and steel rolling mill, and additional scenarios. With a steel works, lots of different plants and yards, and an extension to Massillon to learn your way around, Ohio Steel 2 offers many hours of driving and switching for engineers everywhere. Available to download from Steam from 12 January. Developed by All Aboard.

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