Friday, 18 May 2012

4VEP EMU Released - Railworks 3

The iconic 4VEP EMU has now been released for Train Simulator 2012. The following is taken from the RSC website.

The 4VEP (Class 423) electric multiple unit is now available for Train Simulator 2012. With BR Blue/Grey and Network Southeast liveries, the 4VEP will be a superb addition for your Portsmouth Direct Line.

Before the modern Electrostar and Desiro EMUs were introduced, the 4VEP was one of the ‘slam door’ classes which formed the backbone of southern suburban and branch line services from their introduction in the 1960s. Unlike modern units with hydraulically operated sliding doors, the 4VEP (like the similar 4CIG) had rows of hinged doors enabling quick transfer of passengers on very busy commuter services. The slamming of these many doors prior to departure was a familiar sound at railway stations and gave rise to the nickname ‘slam door’.

The 4VEP (‘VEP’ standing for Vestibule Electro-Pneumatic Brake Stock) for Train Simulator 2012 comes complete with BR Blue/Grey liveries and scenarios for the Portsmouth Direct Line Expansion Pack (available separately). Available to purchase from Steam now.

More information and details of how to buy can be found by clicking here.

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