Friday, 25 May 2012

DPSimulation - Site Restructuring

I am currently in the process of restructuring the DPSimulation website, with the current concentration being on the layout of scenario downloads.

Many scenarios that I had created were not available on my website and only on UKTrainsim. With immediate effect, I have uploaded all scenarios to my website and have now created new categories for ease of use, these categories can be seen below and will also expand as and when new routes are released.

Over the coming days, I anticipate the removal of all of my content* from third party sites and all content will be available from my website only. This is not s decision that has suddenly appeared overnight, but I do pay for and maintain my own site and have always had the intention of doing this. The benefit for me is that I can maintain complete control of all downloads and control feedback and support from one location. The benefit for the end user is that free and high speed access is available for all of my content.

With the uploading of these scenarios, there are now over 50 free scenarios hosted at DPSimulation.

* With the exception of agreed donations to freeware packs and donations to other route projects.

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