Monday, 20 August 2012

Further Expansion......

Some of the industry now added along with another important artery........


  1. What routes are you working on at the moment?

  2. How far will the route extend when it is complete? Will I be able to drive to my home town of Sunderland? If not still looking good :D

  3. I have an idea for you Darren, an idea for a route. I personally have used your Newcastle to York Modern route more times than any other route (including my own which is under construction) and one thing that I feel it lacks (which is not you fault) is decent station models. I think that in conjunction with Just Trains perhaps you could make an 'Advanced' version with improved station models and maybe some new signals (new models that is there's nothing wrong with the placement but the standard signals do not do the route justice) and new realistic OHLE and sell it as a new product as well as an upgrade for existing owners like Just Trains did with the Voyager. Perhaps maybe even extend the route South to Doncaster or North to Berwick. The extensions aside I think there'd be a market for it, I know of a few people who mentioned similar opinions without being asked for them, I know I'd have it on Pre-Order.


    Haydn Evans

  4. Hi Haydn

    It wouldn't be possible for me to do it unfortunately, I no longer work alongside Just Trains.

    1. Oh, that's a shame, so who publishes your payware routes now then?

    2. Would you have any objections to me suggesting this as an idea to Just Trains themselves?