Friday, 3 August 2012

UKTrainsim - End Of Involvement

Just a heads up for those that it may concern, mainly those who are possibly waiting for contact from me on UKTrainsim regarding any help I have been giving or any models I may be making for you for various projects.

As of now, I am officially banned for life from UKTrainsim so I cannot possibly contact you on there, or receive private messages via the site. If you need to get in contact with me, do so via this link. I will pass on any uncompleted work done so far and you will have to go it alone I am afraid, I am unwilling to provide any further support.

After initially receiving a 2 week ban last Friday morning, without warning or moderator contact, despite those who consistently make the place utterly unpleasant only receiving lesser punishment or prior warnings, I tried to make contact with UKTS via the email that they provide when you receive a ban. Naturally, this bounces, in fact, I believe it was never even set up which speaks volumes.

After finally getting in contact with the "leader" and after explaining my position on the matter in terms of no access to PM and several community efforts potentially awaiting contact from me, this fell on deaf ears and received an abrupt and particularly rude reply. This means that the website that always claims to be at the forefront of community spirit does not actually give a toss about the community at all, but only where Railworks is involved of course. You can however spout lies, assumption and slanderous comments towards the product and anyone who supports it though, you will be just fine.

The last straw came today when I posted with an old, dormant account I had not used for years if even used at all. I posted a comment, nothing untoward but a comment in order to help a fellow member. This has resulted in a life ban due to duplicate accounts. I do understand that rule completely, but disagreed with the original ban so decided to do it anyway such is the pest that I am.

So, after several years of UKTS involvement which had equal measures of tears and success, in excess of 75 files uploaded with over 80,000 downloads along with the hundreds if not thousands of times I have given help both over the forum and privately to countless members. Much of this work is unsung and you wouldn't know you were driving or looking at something I had created but it all comes to an end because of the hidden agendas that still exist towards certain members, something that has been going on for quite a while and hasn't gone unnoticed for many.

To quote a phrase.........

All are equal, but some are more equal than others

At least I won't have to put up with the depressing cesspit that UKTS has become, I will no doubt be better off without it. Alternatively, it's probably the case that UKTS and it's members will be better off without me as well.


  1. Sorry to hear this. They certainly seem to be working against the community just recently. I for one will keep a keener eye on your website for any further releases you may be making in the future. I hope these idiots do not put you off continuing to contribute to the community.

  2. HI Darren
    If I may offer a word of support.. you are better off without them.. I'm afraid that they are totally out of touch with railworks, the hobby and the real world.

    You tried your best and actually produced content.. I'm afraid that meant your days were numbered.
    The cesspit is for those that want to postulate and create a false impression of importance.... and who can blame the clientele when that is the actual position of those that run the show ?

    Believe me they are completely immaterial, as I believe IHH, RSC, Yourself and all the other devs that have tried to actively promote and help, have shown...... we don't need them...and got out.
    They fail on all counts to represent, Trainsimming , Railworks or the genuine user, preferring instead to promote a completely false picture of the hobby,

    The last developer at UKTS has now left the building.

    ALL the best.. and perhaps you don't feel it now .. but your future just got brighter

    Paul G IHH

  3. Thanks Gaz

    Paul, thanks for the comment and from someone I should have listened to long ago, you were right all along.

    The issue for me is not so much to develop and be part of a community on there, but to give help, something I always enjoyed doing. Despite there being many on there that deserve no response, there are many that genuinely get stuck and require a solution. Unfortunately, there are now many people that have been driven away that could offer these solutions.

    If your face fits I guess.

  4. That is a massive shame Darren.

    But have noticed a degrading of general posting and atmosphere on UKTS sadly and seems to be growing all of the time. From appears to be overzealous admins to overzealous other users who seem to go out of the way to attack people on a wide range of topics.

    Unless UKTS does change in many ways it will lose out and further alienate users, which overal will not be good for this hobby or way of life for many people.

    Only have ever come across one other fourm that seems to do its best to turn away other users in a strong way due to the way the minorty talk to new people or game choice etc.


  5. The whole trouble is that a few on there and the "management" think that they have a god given right to dictate shape and direction ........ I have news for them , its the doers and not the talkers that will shape the future.. guaranteed !!

    The sooner the place shuts up shop the better for all ( other thasn the attention seekers) RW life will be......
    this is the site that tried its best to strangle RS/RW at birth... not an idle claim proclaiming to be the voice of RW... you have to laugh when 80 % of BR stock cannot be shown .. Their loss and I laugh every day,
    I hope Darren now uses his own site more and will certainly contribute where I can.


  6. I have seen that happen more and more recently Paul.

    Especially recent posts about the Steam sale then just went past, was closed with minium reason apart from the person saying 'believe it when i see it' and the one who question it/ posted the thread was put on moderation.

    The file part is helpful to a certain extent, but the forum is degrading all the time and makes it less pleasent to take part in or even look at. I am moving more over towards Sim HQ for the forums as honestly a lot nicer.

    Darren will be missed on it but don't blame him for ignoring it etc. Many other people like myself if we stopped going on it/ removed our stuff i can't imagine it would be noticed overal.


  7. Thanks Chris

    Paul, what happened with yourself ended up becoming completely ridiculous and unworkable. For me, it wasn't the point that nobody could talk about your products, it was the fact that the forum became a place for anti-IHH sentiment, experts that would roll on to a bandwagon and offer opinion about you personally or your products (before mod removal) without even buying them. The whole idea was that UKTS were right and you were in the wrong which in itself was complete fabrication. It would then continue with new members and user to the sim, seeing a picture that was wrongly painted of yourself and refusing to acknowledge or buy your products because you were apparently the son of the devil. At the end of the day, it's those guys that miss out on some of the finest models available today.

    What you have to laugh at with UKTS is double standards. Take this thread for example.

    A scaremongering thread, but from a moderator and in the wrong section to boot! For a moderator to place the thread in the wrong section, a moderator that is openly pro MSTS/OpenRails, the thread was placed and left in the Railworks section with no other motive than to create an anti Steam/Railworks atmosphere.

    Community focused indeed!

    1. Ha Ha ... I am the son of the devil


    2. It is sad to see it happen even if it was probably later than you should have done it for your own sanity.

      If is the topic I think it is then it's that particular topic that was the last straw for me. I had previously been censored for talking "drivel" which turned out in actuality to be truth for all to see and had removed them from my favourites, however I did still visit occasionally.

      Then to see the double standards so openly practised really was the end, knowing that there was no point in either replying or PM'ing anyone. Such a shame too as MSTS was my first introduction to Railsims and UKTS was a godsend to me in those days.

      I rely totally now on blog feeds and twitter for info so keep it coming please :)

  8. Very Welcome Darren.

    For Paul the whole situation is completely stupid that we arn't allowed anything about the products. On may other forums i visit i can recommend them etc and many of them looking fantastic. Especially the Pullmans & Gatwick Express models.

    I always did wonder about that thread and why it wasn't locked or removed. I did leave a comment about a certain section, but as normal was ignored. As lots of people have been going Anti Steam since the change in the SSA, Whilst if they read it nothing has changed and Section 12 may not/ does not apply to the EU. But always will get the Anti Steam crowd who instantly criticise it, so i imagine they would be happier with Uplay from Ubisoft or Orgin .

    Another one was screens slight from the Atmosphere thread since they had aircraft in them, even though clearly in Railworks.


  9. Sad to hear this Darren. I appreciate the amount of work you have done for the RW Community, it's just a pity that some can't or won't.

    I try and avoid 'discussions' on UKTS. It's sad to see the number of folks who have been driven away by the attitude of some. I'm just sticking to complementing folks on work well done & posting the odd screenshot of my WIP stuff. I'll be in contact when my latest model is ready. :)

    1. Thanks Malcolm. The servers are ready and waiting for the next model, really looking forward to it.

  10. Darren so sorry to hear this news. The double standards over there have been bugging me know for a long time, This thread shows that they can't be consistent with their actions , theres still shots that should have been removed according to thier rules. I've been around there a while and have seen the slide becoming steeper, I eventually bit the bullet and published my first scenarios over there earlier this year and the comments were 'SBHH Don't download'from someone that hasnt even posted on the forum during the time of his? membership I wouldnt like to say what my reply by PM was but lets just say I don't call a spade a shovel :) My subscription expired last week and for the foreseeable future I can't see me renewing it.

    Darren Paul(Sly) I agree that your both better off without them, Your work is outstanding

    Darren your ingame knowledge and insight has been a help to a great many and will be sorely missed, your freeware offerings could easily be payware, they are excellent, I just hope you still bring us your latest projects at some time RW won't be the same without you.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do in the future

  11. Why not join RWD, i know alot of memebers on there Speak highly of you. Me personally i try and do freeware yet had nothing but hassle from UKTS. Even though i have not got an account on there. Seems like everyone who wants to work hard for other people get all the hassle.

  12. Such a shame, such a shame to see such talent underappreciated.

  13. Well I thought I was OK with UKTS but after seeing this thread:, and after putting many months of work into my route only for it not to be recognised properly, I wonder why should I bother uploading there anymore. Such an invidious poll. No route deserves to be singled out and elevated above another. They're all good in their own right. I really feel for you Darren and I understand your frustrations with that site. I will now join you in your boat and let's row off elsewhere!

    Are there any other sites that I could upload to, sites which don't revert to such things?


    1. Hi Dave, I certainly wouldn't encourage to not upload your work there. The forums are still classed as a seperate entity to the actual download section and there are many thousands of users that visit the download section that don't visit the forums and take part in some of the bile that is written.

      I'd say to keep your work on there and available, simply for these other users that want to download it. There is no harm in uploading your work elsewhere though, as a means for those who do not have premium access to get a faster download. Somewhere such as RWTrainsim would welcome your work.

    2. As for the topic in question, yes, it is another strange one and was created by Ruth, and ex moderator. However, I do believe she has created it in the best of intentions but I still don't see it as the right thing to do.

      Although it means literally nothing to the overall demographic of people who download, some who create and don't receive a vote may well see it as a negative and not commit to creating anything else.

  14. Hi Darren

    Sorry to hijack your blog like that, but I have decided just to take a break from UKTS. Thanks as well for those pointers as to where I can upload work to.

    I'd like to wish you well for all tour future endeavors and say that your talents will be missed.


  15. Dave Scott: that poll was perfectly harmless. It was just someone having some fun. Of course there would be some routes that were overlooked.

    Darren: really sorry that you've gone for good. I considered reporting the same topic ( since I thought it was speculative shit stirring at its best. Why didn't I? Primarily because I've had so many ding-dongs with the moderators - three in particular - that I just can't be bothered to rage against the machine any more. And the 'new' owner is the rudest of them all, frankly.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labours, whatever they may be.


  16. Hi Darren, as above with the sorry comments, its a great loss to the community. I've read lots of your previous posts and the same with Pauls and they helped out greatly with many things I could never of worked out. I'll be keeping a close eye on this blog to see what you get up to in the future as i enjoy you work greatly.


  17. This make me want to leave UKTS, but there isn't really a forum like it. Maybe a new site could be set up that isn't UK TS but a global forum? Or maybe go back to RW Trainsim?

  18. i gave up on ukts, tried uploading a file, my 1st ever scenario and they just blanked it....i now have, together with a bunch of great guys, set up a website for all to visit that offers freeware and payeware, although it is only just starting we r hoping to get it up and running with more members on our fb page and twitter accounts....ukts by sounds dont care for the community anymore, its ok that they take ur £3 a month fee but support is shocking.....i feel for u that u have been treated this way after all u have done....i hope u find better communities elsewhere....i would leave details of all the fb groups/pages and our twitter/website here but not sure if allowed to
    from TownTerrier

  19. Darren, Im sorry to hear that you have left UKTS. I rarely post there anymore, as like may others, I am completely ignored. I shall leave my routes up for those who enjoy them, and my scenarios, but I doubt Ill be uploading there again.

    Sly (Paul) was also driven away, and now I have seen what the place is really like, I cant say I blame either of you, or other content creators, for leaving there. Best of luck to you all in the future.

    I'll have to get back to doing what I do best: TDRS...