Friday, 5 July 2013

Donation Widget - Increased Target

Just a quick bit of information in case anybody had noticed (and was wondering why) the donation target on the widget has increased.

As I stated originally, the widget would have a fluid total which would change depending on how the site was used and when content was added. With more content being added, more people discover the site and usage increases meaning that I have to increase how much I pay every month**.

Although donations have dried up a little recently, I am astounded at the overall support received so far and want to thank all those that have helped. Also, thanks to those who purchased items from me in order to help the cause, although 40% of the revenue from these items ended up being spent on postage, the sale of the items has also helped.

As ever, if you do appreciate what is done by DPSimulation then feel free to donate. As the site goes from strength to strength and numbers increase, costs will keep increasing so any donations are always gratefully received.

** Over the past 12 months or so, costs have been increasing by 20-50% month on month. We are also now averaging around 6000-7000 downloads per week of the content available on the site as well as 10000+ weekly visitors.

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