Thursday, 11 July 2013

Steam Summer Sale - First Look

So, the Steam Summer Sale is upon us and after all the anticipation, is it worth it?

Well, first impressions are really, really good, it's certainly a much more impressive start than last year when I believe that everything just had a simple 50% off blanket thrown over it. So what stands out right now, bearing in mind these discounts could be very fluid, here is my pick....

London to Faversham High Speed   -   £4.99
One of the best routes to date for the simulator, also includes the Class 395 "Javelin". An absolute bargain at 80% off.

BR Class 87  -  £4.79
A relatively new release, many were holding off buying this until a sale and at £4.79, another bargain. It's also worth noting that there is a Virgin reskin of this locomotive on the DPSimulation website as well which includes all 35 nameplates.

BR Class 31  -  £4.79
Similar to the Class 87 above, many were waiting for a sale, 60% off seems sufficient to me.

BR Class 101  -  £4.79
Same as above.

Western Lines Of Scotland  -  £14.99
Arguably worth buying at double the price, £14.99 for an absolute masterpiece.

BR 4BIG EMU  -  £3.59
A lot of train here for 70% off, it's one of those that is worth buying even just to have variation in AI.

Isle Of Wight  -  £5.99
Always regarded as the earliest pre-requisite for third party route building and used by many, many fantastic free routes. It's not actually a bad little route in itself as well, doesn't often get that recognition.

Settle to Carlisle  -  £12.49
A very, very picturesque route with a good bundle of stock included. I also believe the scenarios are pretty good too. :)

Edinburgh to Glasgow  -  £12.49
Still remains my favourite route, even now. There is also the small matter of a free scenery extension available from the DPSimulation website.

Class 444  -  £4.79
If you don't want it that much, buy it nothing more than the reasons described for the 4BIG above, adds variety to the Portsmouth Direct Line.

Network South-East Class 47 and Green & Gold HST  -  £1.19
Costs less than something on the McDonalds saver menu, more varation for your routes if nothing else. Enough said really.

Class 325 EMU  -  £3.59
Again, something you may not care to drive much but adds fantastic variety to WCML North and utilises the Shieldmuir Mail Depot on the route. Can also be happily used on your third-rail routes too.

Class 158 DMU  -  £4.79
The staple of so many routes currently available for TS2013, it's probably one of the most utilised items of stock available and it has a flurry of reskins out there ready to download. £4.79? A no brainer.

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