Sunday, 3 November 2013

More New Scenarios On Workshop

I have now added two further 'Short Hop' scenarios to the Steam Workshop named 'Midnight Moves' and 'Slippery When Wet', both for the London to Faversham route. Both scenarios, though short, have been designed for the user to maintain maximum concentration at all times.

[DPS-SH03] Midnight Moves

Description:  It's now after midnight and although many passenger services are starting to wind down, there are still lots of empty stock diagrams still roaming the network.

Briefing:  In charge of an empty stock working from Ramsgate to Gillingham, you are currently awaiting a path. Once given the road, you will be proceeding through Faversham and on to Gillingham station.

Duration:  25 Minutes

Requirements:  London to Faversham High Speed


[DPS-SH04] Slippery When Wet

Description: Following two days of incessant rain, the network has started to become affected with many delays affecting services. With the rain still showing no sign of dying off, you are surprisingly running to time, but that could change.....

Briefing: Starting at Swanscombe, release the doors to allow passengers to board. You will then be continuing to Gillingham where this service terminates. Be careful out there, there is a lot of standing water around...

Duration:  35 Minutes

Requirements:  London to Faversham High Speed, Class 465 EMU


You can either visit the Workshop in Train Simulator 2014 itself by using the 'Collection' screen, or you can alternatively visit my Workshop page by clicking here.

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