Wednesday, 20 November 2013

November Donations, Site News & Incentives

It's approaching that time of the month again, with server fees due in the coming days. November so far has been a record month for both site visits and downloads, with the latter up by about 7% on October. Much of this traffic has been arriving directly from the workshop, where I always provide a link on every workshop upload and with this exposure available to the whole TS2014 userbase, traffic is increasing rapidly. One downside of this increased traffic is the increase in outlay on my part to keep the site free and with high speed downloads so we still unfortunately still require donations in order to help with this.

As well as having a bi-monthly competition as an incentive to those who donate, I have also decided to add a further incentive. Users who donate will now have an opportunity to take delivery of our workshop projects earlier than anyone else. If you donate, or have donated in the past then simply send me confirmation via a feedback form at and you will then have the opportunity to add DPSimulation as a friend on Steam, enabling you early access to our uploads. The first incentive in this program will be a development version of my new ECML project which has been shown in screenshots recently, this development version will be made available in the coming days. Please be aware that this version of ECML requires both the original ECML (Newcastle to York) route and the Great Eastern Main Line DLC. Further incentives will feature new extensions to Edinburgh to Glasgow, City Lines and our range of scenarios exclusive to the workshop.

I realise that times are hard, I'm feeling it just as much as anyone! But any donations are appreciated, contribute directly to the costs incurred through hosting and aid research and development of projects both now and in the future.

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