Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Steam Workshop - FEX4: 'Tarmac Through Traffic'

I have just uploaded a new scenario to the Steam Workshop entitled 'Tarmac Through Traffic', a fourth installment of my 'Freight Experience'.

You can either visit the Workshop in Train Simulator 2014 itself by using the 'Collection' screen, or you can alternatively visit my Workshop page by clicking here.

FEX4 - Tarmac Through Traffic

Description: In what can be described as typical Autumn weather in the south of England, a mixture of the rain and seasonal leaf fall means you will have to carefully navigate your heavy train from Three Bridges to beyond Clapham Junction. As ever, traffic is busy so you will have to maintain full concentration at all times.

Briefing: Following the short journey from Crawley New Yard to Three Bridges, you have already ran around your train and are now awaiting your path towards Clapham Junction....

Notes: The maximum speed of your consist is 60mph. Failure to adhere to this could mean the player arriving at key points in the scenario at the wrong times, thus affecting playability.

Duration: 60 Minutes  

Requirements:  London to Brighton, Class 66 EWS V2, First Capital Connect 377

As ever, the scenario utilises all traffic from the real timetable so being a busy line, there are in excess of 50 AI movements which may cause issues for those with a lower end system.

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