Thursday, 9 October 2014

East Coast Mainline: North East – Custom Quick Drive – Coming Soon

As part of the next update to East Coast Mainline: North East, I will be introducting one of the most requested features that I receive, enhanced quick drive along with further route enhancements and additional custom 3D models.

With the initial instalment set in the period around 2012/2013, this enhanced quick drive has been designed to replicate traffic variation and patterns where possible on the route. With over 60 new custom blueprints that utilise over 30 different types of rolling stock, each drive should nearly always be different from the last.

Whether just taking a short hop from Heaton Depot to Newcastle, or driving the full length from Newcastle to York, AI traffic will always pass in a realistic fashion and on the correct path. Traffic should only spawn where it appears in real life, whether that be a Grand Central HST between Northallerton and York or around Eaglescliffe, or a Class 150 DMU operating in the York area. The consists themselves won't appear reptetive as well, with variations and mixtures in livery along with multiple formations where appropriate.

Yards and sidings will also be populated with trains too, often in different rakes each time you drive. You may see these at Tyne, Thornaby or York yards or points in between, or a Class 67 'Thunderbird' on standby duties at Newcastle if it isn't out driving the network on route learning duties. You might even be lucky enough to see one of the Network Rail test trains out on the network!

This update should be released soon, pending further testing due to the complicated nature of the template setup so keep an eye out for further information in the near future.

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