Friday, 17 October 2014

East Coast Mainline: North East – Early Access Version Tonight

Later today will see a new release of the East Coast Mainline: North East route for those who have early access. This new version will unclude the new custom quick drive, along with part of the major scenery upgrade between Newcastle and York along with a raft of new assets.

If you would like to gain early access to the new version of the route, you are required to make a donation, via Paypal, to DPSimulation. Early Access was conceived solely to help fund the expansion of the site and maintain the library of free content which as it grows and site traffic increases, our costs increase and it is becoming increasingly difficult to continue funding these costs alone.

If you would like to make a donation and receive early access, simply make a donation using one of the donation buttons on the main website or to the right of this blog post, then fill in a 'Contact Us' form, found at the bottom of any page of the DPSimulation website, stating your Steam username, or a username of your choice. You will then be given secure credentials and access to the early access section of the website.

Likewise, some people who donate are not interested in early access and are merely seeking to help out, of which we are enormously grateful. Donations for this purpose, no matter how small are always appreciated.

Many thanks to all who have supported us so far and enabled us to continue growing.

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