Tuesday, 21 October 2014

WCML Over Shap - Extension to Windermere

Some of you may be aware of the excellent 'WCML Over Shap - Extension to Windermere' route, created by 'n.e.hudson' available on the Steam Workshop.

Due to an issue with the workshop interface, the original upload did not produce the requisite tags that you see on the right hand side, this meant that although the route was finalised following the minimum amount of votes, scenarios would not be accepted.

This has now meant that the route has now been removed and re-uploaded, meaning the couple of thousand or so existing users will unfortunately have to re-subscribe and re-download. This also means that all of the votes have been wiped out.

Now the route is re-uploaded and the tags are correctly displayed, can I call on everyone who has previously downloaded the route, or that is interested in downloading the route to vote once again in order to get the required number of votes for finalisation. Many scenarios have already been created for this fine route and have been waiting in the wings, ready to be uploaded to the workshop. As soon as these votes are gained, the scenarios can be uploaded and hopefully will encourage many more users to create them.

The workshop page for the route can be found here.

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