Wednesday, 22 March 2017

ECML: Letchworth Garden City Extension - Released!

Following a day of ironing out issues with the route and making sure everything works correctly, and then a day of wrestling with the Steam Workshop, I have finally uploaded the ECML: Letchworth Garden City extension.

This route provides a small extension to the ECML: London to Peterborough route and adds additional track and scenery to Letchworth Garden City, the EMU sidings at Letchworth and the new flyover at Hitchin.

This extension was done after a request from a friend to include Letchworth Garden City on the ECML route so I decided to have a crack it it. I have no immediate plans to include further extensions but the usual caveat applies, never say never. In fact, on researching the potential assets needed for other extensions, the requirements chosen below for this extension reflect the possible need for these future assets.

After subscribing and allowing installation of the route via the Steam Workshop, the route will be listed under Quick Drive as '[DPS] East Coast Mainline – South'. A very basic quick drive has been provided with fast line paths to and from Letchworth Garden City. Initially, the grand plan was to add the new paths to a clone of the original ECML quick drive, but doing so (rightly) fails the workshop validation process. If the route doesn't show up after installation, all I can suggest is to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to the route, I have no control over how the route installs on to your system.

Steam Requirements

ECML: London to Peterborough
Liverpool to Manchester
North London Line
South London Network

The DPSimulation Steam Workshop can be found by following this link

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