Saturday, 25 March 2017

New Scenario Pack - Coming Soon

I am pleased to announce an all new upcoming scenario pack from DPSimulation.

Featuring ten scenarios set over two routes, the Creative Rail 'Modern' route from York to Peterborough and ECML: London to Peterborough, the scenario pack is set in the late GNER era and focuses mainly on the Valenta engined HST, although you will get the opportunity to drive a Class 91 and more strangely, a Class 156 from Doncaster to Peterborough!.

Because the scenario is set over two routes, this means that the requirements are very extensive. I have announced the pack as in development today, specifically because a Steam sale is currently running and many of the addons listed below are available at a reduced price. It's also an opportunity to get hold of any freeware repaints in advance of the scenario pack being released.

The pack is now in the later stages of testing and will be released once this testing has been completed.


Creative Rail East Coast Modern - Creative Rail
East Coast Main Line: London to Peterborough - Steam
Settle to Carlisle - Steam
European Loco & Asset Pack - Steam
Just Trains Class 60 Advanced & Freight Wagons - Just Trains
Class 67 'EWS' Pack - Steam
Class 66 V2 'Freightliner' Pack - Steam
Class 91 'Intercity' Pack - Steam
Class 156 DMU Pack - Steam
Class 158 DMU Pack - Steam
Class 170 DMU Pack - Steam
Class 220 'Crosscountry' DMU Pack - Steam
Just Trains Class 222 Advanced - Just Trains
Class 365 'Network South East' Marketplace Pack - Steam
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 313 EMU Pack - Armstrong Powerhouse
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 43 (Valenta)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack- Armstrong Powerhouse
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 91/Mk4 Enhancement Pack - Armstrong Powerhouse
Just Trains Cargowaggon IWB Pack (Included with JT 60 Advanced) - Just Trains
Just Trains Cargowaggon Flat IGA Pack - Just Trains

Freeware & Repaints

Class 317 'First Capital Connect' Repaint Pack - DPSimulation
Class 156 'Northern Spirit' Repaint - DPSimulation
Class 158 'WYPTE' Repaint - DPSimulation
Class 158 'FTPE Vinyl' Repaint Pack - DPSimulation
Class 221 'Virgin' Repaint – DPSimulation
Class 43 'Cotswold Rail' Repaint Pack - DPSimulation
Class 317/1 'WAGN' Repaint - UKTrainsim
Class 317/2 'WAGN' Repaint – UKTrainsim

The following are also required for the Class 317 packs above.

DRB Class 317 BR Blue - UKTrainsim
DRB Class 317 NSE - UKTrainsim
DRB Class 317 BedPan - UKTrainsim
DRB Class 318 SPTE - UKTrainsim

Optional Requirement

WCML North: Carlisle to Glasgow (For Buffers To Be Visible Buffers On NMT)

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