Saturday, 1 April 2017

East Coast Mainline: South – New Update Released

Following a report of foliage appearing on the track at stations when Procedural Flora is ticked, I have just uploaded a new version of the route to the Steam Workshop which should address this issue. Further to this, I received a request to add further portals at the southern end of the ECML, these have also been added.

As I had once again been working on a further extension to the route over the past few days, this means that the changes I had made are also included and therefore scenery is now complete as far as Ashwell & Morden. Quick Drive has also been added to this new location.

As with all workshop updates, this should happen automatically for subscribers, however, I have no control over this process. If the route doesn't show up after installation, all I can suggest is to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to the route, I have no control over how the route installs on to your system.

The DPSimulation Steam Workshop can be found by following this link.


  1. will you ever upload this to your site like you did with your other ECML extension

  2. Hi Brandon

    No, this route is intended for the workshop only.