Wednesday, 19 April 2017

East Coast Mainline: South – Planned Extension

After receiving quite a few enquiries following the release of the latest version, I thought i'd post a quick update on what the plan is for ECML: South.

Now that the eastern track extension has reached Royston, that will be the limit for that section, for the time being at least. Work will now concentrate on adding scenery to the Hertford Loop, starting at the southern end and working up towards Stevenage. I've now compiled and purchased the relevant research material for this extension so it should be fairly straight forward.

As before, these scenery updates will be released in stages and once complete, should provide a whole new array of scenario opportunities on the route.


  1. Wow, what excellent news, I started to scenic that portion and gave up mainly due to the fact it had a tunnel, but also because I would prefer for someone with better knowledge of the real scenery and probably more importantly done by someone who knew haw to do it in a professional manner. I guess my patience has been finally rewarded. much thanks good Sir.

  2. Thanks Roland. It's taken a while to get around to it, but they do say better late than never!