Wednesday, 12 April 2017

East Coast Mainline: South – Royston Update Released

I have just uploaded a new version of the route to the Steam Workshop. Scenery is now complete as far as Royston, enabling a logical start/end point for Class 365 services and means the full extension now gives an additional 12 miles or so on top of the original route.

As with all workshop updates, this should happen automatically for subscribers, however, I have no control over this process. If the route doesn't show up after installation, all I can suggest is to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to the route, I have no control over how the route installs on to your system.

The DPSimulation Steam Workshop can be found by following this link.


  1. Beautiful extension. Thanks very much for putting in the effort.

  2. Hi Darren, have there been any scenarios done for the extension?

  3. Not that i'm aware of as yet Roland.

  4. Hi Darren, great work on this amazing extension. Are there any plans to update Peterborough to include the new platforms? I know you previously mentionmed it would be difficult owing to the custom station model, but it would be great to see this depicted in train sim :)

  5. Hi Adam. After that comment I did investigate but it really does look like it won't be possible.

    1. Ah thats such a shame. Thanks for your reply though Darren. I know you've done an excellent job with the custom stations on your North ERast Route (Eaglesciffe, Metrocentre etc) and i wasn't sure if the same could be done at Peterborough, but admittedly its much larger station. No worries- on a side note, have you considered renumbering the platforms at Finsbury Park to depict the new changes? :)

  6. That might be something to consider. However, i'll have to see how it affects things as I wanted to keep the core route identical to the original so scenarios could be ported over if necessary.