Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Armstrong Powerhouse - Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack - Features

Following on from my blog post the other day about the upcoming Class 168/170/171 enhancement pack from Armstrong Powerhouse, further liveries have now been shown along with an announcement detailing the list of features that will be included. They are as follows:


• 23 liveries

• Higher resolution cab visuals

• Detailed internal & external audio

• Accurate acceleration & braking physics

• Voith T211rzze hydraulic transmission

• Wheelslip Protection (WSP)

• Cooling fan simulation

• Automatic unit numbering

• Dynamic exhaust effects

• Player changeable destination display

• Driver vigilance device (DVD)


• The reverser must be placed in ‘Neutral’ to start the engine.

• If the emergency brake applies, power can only be regained if the power handle is returned to ‘Off’.

• 1 second delay between train passing over AWS magnet and AWS warning sound occurring. The F3/F4 HUD will show the warning immediately so you must wait 1 second before trying to cancel it.

• The headlights only provide illumination before sunrise and after sunset. This is to avoid the unrealistic appearance of projected light in broad daylight.

• If speed rises above 103mph, power will be cut until speed falls below 97mph and the combined power handle is placed in the ‘Off/Release’ position.

• When the doors are open, full brake pressure is applied and the ‘Door Interlock Lost’ indicator light illuminates.

• Notched combined power handle; 7 power notches & 4 brake notches.

• Intermittent, slow and fast setting added to windscreen wiper.

• Separate engine start & stop buttons now operational. Engine stop button illuminates when engine is stopped.

• Master key & 4-step reverser (Off/Reverse/Neutral/Forward).

• Cab light.

• ‘Hill start’ button which applies step 1 brake pressure below 3mph.

• Functioning ‘Train Fault’ & ‘No Train Fault’ indicator lights when changing reverser position.

• ‘Door power’ indicator light which illuminates when speed falls below 3mph and extinguishes when speed rises above 10mph.

• Digital clock below speedometer.

• Individually controlled headlights & tail lights with proving lights in the cab.

• Detailed headlight, marker light & tail light textures for both new and old styles.

• Improved appearance of Driver Reminder Appliance (DRA).

• Cab camera angle amended so more of the desk is visible.

• ‘Max Speed 100mph’ label added to driver’s side of cab.

It doesn't seem like it will be too long now before release, certainly one to look forward to. For those who do wish to view the Armstrong Powerhouse Facebook page, you can do so by clicking here.

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