Monday, 29 January 2018

Class 455 - South Western Railway Interim

I have just uploaded a new repaint pack to the DPSimulation website. Well, I say repaint as the body texture has been slightly modified to facilitate the bespoke child object.

When browsing Flickr yesterday I noticed that several Class 455 units were starting to receive South Western Railway branding and decided I would add it as well. I then remembered that the mapping on the Class 455/9 doesn't allow a straightforward repaint as it would be mirrored on the other side. I've ended up creating a bespoke South Western Railway decal and attached as a child object to both sides of the whole unit, what was intended to be a quiet Sunday afternoon job ended up being the afternoon, evening, night and next morning.

I also realised that as bought, the Class 455 pack doesn't have any Quick Drive consists included, so as well as the SWR variant, i've added Quick Drive consists for the NSE and SWT liveries as well, BR Blue just didn't want to play ball for some reason.

This pack can be downloaded from the 'EMU' section of the repaints page by following this link.


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