Sunday, 28 January 2018

Weekend Showcase - WCML Over Shap - 2003/2004

As outlined with the first set of screenshots last week following multiple emails asking what stock can be used when and where, we now move on to the next weekend showcase.

In this showcase we feature the WCML Over Shap route from Preston to Carlisle and depicts a variety of stock as it would have been seen in 2003/2004. Now several years into the era of privatisation, many of the British Rail liveries are now extinct and have been replaced with a variety of colourful schemes. 

33025 & 33030 leave Preston while conveying a short rake of acid tanks - June 2003

87021 'Robert The Bruce' enters Lancaster where it will terminate after working the 1132 service from London Euston - August 2003

A quartet of Class 20's wait for the road at Carnforth while working the Sellafield to Crewe flasks - September 2004

90050 & 90044 sit in the loop at Carnforth with a late running Coatbridge to Felixstowe service - September 2003

43103 descends the bank at Tebay with a Virgin Cross Country service - May 2003

56081 shunts lime wagons at Hardendale which will form a later service to Redcar - July 2003

Still looking as if it's recently left the paint shop, 221110 pulls into Penrith with a southbound service - June 2003

156485 approaches Carlisle with a Newcastle to Glasgow Central service - September 2004

A colourful scene at Carlisle where 43107 awaits departure on a diverted Edinburgh to Kings Cross service. 37517 also waits in the centre road before awaiting it's next duty - October 2004

If you have any questions about the rolling stock or repaints used above, feel free to leave a comment below.

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