Sunday, 27 January 2019

North East England - Welcome to York

Welcome to York, the southern end (for now) of the North East England route. It's been a frantic few days getting this finished in anticipation of the next stream tomorrow night. Given the scenario featured in the stream will finish at York, it was pretty imperative to get the final major gap filled!

The stream will be on the Twitch channel of Tom from Vulcan Productions and will start at 7pm tomorrow night. Tom's channel can be found by clicking here.


  1. Looking good! Do you have any plans to include the lines to Whitby, saltburn, Bishop Auckland or Scarborough in later versions?

  2. Yes, ideally I want them all included in the future. Bishop Auckland and Saltburn would be the highest priority, then the section to Nunthorpe followed by Scarborough. Whitby is the least likely but not ruled out.

    1. Great stuff! if you ever plan to do the section to Whitby I’m more than happy to give you a helping hand!