Thursday, 10 January 2019

York to Peterborough Modern - 2001 Era-Specific Quick Drive

Following the recent release and positive response to our era-specific quick qrive for the excellent Railways of Devon 1985 route by Vulcan Productions, we can now announce our next project in this series. Utilising the York to Peterborough Modern route from Creative Rail, this particular quick drive will feature trains from 2001. 

It was an era where the ECML was dominated by GNER but depending on how many of the requirements you have installed you will be sure to see variety. Start at York and you will see a colourful array of DMU's working local services, some still sporting several variants of their pre-privatisation liveries. 

Head towards Doncaster and you might spot a Virgin XC HST or even a Class 47 loco-hauled service, if you are lucky you might even spot one of their new 'Voyager' trains on a test run. Go further south and watch out for a wide range of different freight workings or even the occasional Hull Trains Class 170. All blueprints and fragments have been specifically created and markers placed to ensure that you will only see a particular type of train in the area of the route it would have been seen in real life.

This upcoming Quick Drive will feature in excess of 200 blueprints and fragments, with the system randomly spawning express and local passenger services, scheduled freight workings, engineering trains, light engine movements and much more. There are also a  range of more rare movements which may or may not appear in a given journey. There could be Class 90 locomotives in a variety of different liveries deputising for the Class 91 on GNER services. You may pass a Class 91 running blunt end first or even a Class 47 'Thunderbird' hauling a failed express.

More information and screenshots about this upcoming release will be shown on the blog over the coming weeks. I'm also very aware of several emails and comments coming my way with regards to the North East England route. There have been unforeseen setbacks but the route isn't too far away now. I'll try and post a more detailed update about the route in the coming days.


  1. Nice to see this route getting some love. I find editing on this route impossible, good luck though!

  2. Can I ask why Luke? Crashes? Or something else?

    1. I think it is pathing issues, some areas have OHLE cables above them but no way for an electric train to go through them. Also I find that sometimes when you want to go from A to B it sends you via some long way that slows you down a lot.