Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Railways of Devon 1985 - Era-Specific Quick Drive

Our first release of 2019 is set to be an all new era-specific Quick Drive on the Vulcan Productions 'Railways of Devon 1985' route.

It's basically Quick Drive as you already know it, but providing you have a selection of the requirements installed then this particular Quick Drive will only spawn rolling stock specific to the represented era, in this case 1985.

The beauty of this system is that you don't necessarily need all of the requirements, it should function in some form no matter what you own. Despite that, the more you do own should give a better experience with much more variety.

Around 160 blueprints and fragments are included, giving around 120 service variations that can be seen throughout the route. This means it should be fairly different no matter how many times you run it although there will inevitably be times where things can be duplicated. 

Due to the nature of how the randomisation works, some runs will have a low amount of traffic, some moderate and some quite heavy. 

There are express services formed of High Speed Trains in differing variations, Cross Country loco-hauled services with different forms of traction and local services that produce both loco-hauled and DMU variations. More rare spawns as you traverse the route could include freight and parcel services can also appear along with loco-hauled relief services and light engine movements. Certain variations of the loco-hauled local services also have a lower spawn rate to reflect locomotive liveries that were fewer in number.

All being well, this will be released tomorrow at both DPSimulation and Vulcan Productions and Tom from the VP team will be streaming the Quick Drive from 19:30 tonight on his Twitch channel. During the stream there will also be a giveaway for one free copy of the recently released RW Enhancer program.

Mindful that there is a current seasonal Steam sale on Train Simulator products that ends tomorrow, I have made the manual available on my website in case anyone wants to pick up any requirements they don't have. This can be found on the Quick Drive page by clicking here.

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