Friday, 20 December 2013

East Coast Main Line North East - Coming Before Christmas

Yes, that is right. East Coast Main Line - North East will be released before christmas, completely free with the last development version to be released later today.

A further update of East Coast Main Line – North East will be released later today for those who have early access, this will be V1.7. This is intended to be the release candidate, barring any unforeseen problems this version will then go live, to everyone, for free sometime before christmas.

Early access will still be available and those already receiving it will still be able to take advantage of it. Likewise, those who wish to donate to help out DPSimulation can still do so, and early access priveleges will be given.

This future early access will consist of updates to this route, where extensions are planned, and others. What will happen after the full release of this route will be that any future development will be done on separate clones of each route, so they stand alone from the original product. This allows changes to be made, and checked before all modifications are transferred and released fully to the public whilst also allowing those with early access to see and experience the new updates first.

Last but not least, I will be creating a dedicated scenario page on the DPSimulation website for East Coast Main Line – North East for scenarios that are not compatible with the workshop. If you want to submit any scenarios in time for the full release, then please get in touch via the 'Contact Us' section of the website.

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