Sunday, 22 December 2013

East Coast Main Line: North East - Service Update

There will be a small update to the route later today in order to address some issues that had arisen with doors not opening at certain platforms, namely Durham P1 and both platforms at Northallerton. The platform at Durham is certainly fixed, as is P1 at Northallerton, however, P2 at Northallerton still causes an issue depending exactly on where you stop.

The update will also see the start of the yards around York being re-instated, with both Klondyke Yard and the Thrall Europa Works being included. Although Klondyke Yard is unlikely to be widely used by scenario creators, the Thrall Works are used as a stabling point for RHTT traffic, meaning there are new scenario opportunities there.

The route should download automatically for all subscribers, providing you are not using TS2014 at the time. Any update also means a fresh download of the route, so if problems are encountered then please follow the troubleshooting steps.

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