Tuesday, 24 December 2013

East Coast Main Line: North East - Dec 24th Update

I have just released a further update to the East Coast Main Line: North East route which now has all textures replaced throughout the route with the newer and more expansive GEML texture set.

As this replacement is done in one go, and cannot be done like for like, it means that some textures are now out of place in some areas along the route. For instance, where tarmac was previously used in urban areas, the corresponding GEML texture in the blueprint is actually a form of grass. Equally, the ballast replacement texture was a form of rock. This has meant that I have had to completely repaint the trackside ballast texture along the full length of the route.

Remaining mismatched textures will be updated in due course over the coming weeks. Thankfully, from a driving level they are not that apparent.

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