Saturday, 21 December 2013

East Coast Main Line: North East - Troubleshooting

If for any reason the route crashes when trying to load elements such as Quick Drive, please try the following. This usually fixes any issue in the majority of cases and is normally down to a corrupt download.

1, Unsubscribe from the route in the Train Simulator 2014 Steam Workshop.

2, Navigate to Program FilesSteam\steamapps\common\railworks\Content\Routes and if the route folder has not already been removed, remove it manually. The folder to delete is: 1359ac56-1fdc-4f44-9983-b7621ee29eed

3, Go back to the DPSimulation workshop and re-subscribe to the route.

4, Once downloaded, start Train Simulator 2014 and clear the cache via the settings>tools menu.

5, Restart Train Simulator 2014 and the issue should now be resolved.

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