Friday, 14 December 2012

BCO Bolster C Pack - Released!

Malcolm (malkymackay) has just passed me yet another one of his fabulous creations, this time a BCO Bolster C Pack with three load options. Created to Malcolm's very high standard, I'd like to once again thank him for the effort and dedication he is showing by producing this stock.

The pack can be downloaded by visiting this link.

British Railways chose to build wagons to a GWR design, when it came to construction of Bogie Bolster C. The first Diagram (1/471) was basically the same as the last GWR wagons. In 1953 the design was modified with revised bogies to give the Diag 1/473 vehicles featured here. 870 wagons were built during 1953-56, across 5 lots, with construction undertaken by Swindon, Metro Cammell & BRCW. They are presented as empty, or with a selection of self-explanatory loads. The wagons are in nearly new mid-50's condition so would be ideal for the era of routes such as Woodhead.

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  1. Beautiful wagons, amazing work !

    Thanks to Malcolm, and Darren for sharing.