Friday, 7 December 2012

SPT Class 101 Pack Released

The Strathclyde Passenger Transport (SPT) Class 101 has been released for TS2013 and can be purchased via Steam by following this link.

Although it features only one livery, the SPT Class 101 is a very welcome addition to the Scottish fleet, with potential scenario use on both WCML North and Edinburgh to Glasgow. Given these units were very prominent in the area in the early 90's, I can see plenty of value in this pack.

With TSX features included, most noticeably rain on the windows, the headlights are realistic for the class/era and do not light up the track like many modern clusters would. The physics are improved, although the unit is still a bit spritely, it doesn't take off like the units in the original pack did so provides a much more realistic experience. The sounds have also been tweaked and provide a much more realistic feel and the age old issue with the screaming rear unit has been resolved along with the removal of the interior "glow" that was very noticeable in the original version. Another welcome addition is the passenger view which brings back many memories of travelling down the Esk Valley line in my childhood. Finally, the cab has also received a makeover and gives a much more solid feel. All in all, the pack is a big improvement over the original and is still, in my opinion, one of the best looking units created for Railworks and latterly Train Simulator so far.

The pack also includes three scenarios, not a large amount but all are engaging and show off the capabilities of the unit. From a tutorial, which provides explanation of how the manual transmission operates to the other scenarios which depict realistic passenger operations in the suburban areas around Glasgow, there is enough there to get people started.

Although there is obviously debate around the internet regarding the value of this pack, I personally believe that although there are elements of it that may be warranted, much of it isn't. It isn't just a reskin of the original pack, even if the Steam Store description actually makes mention of it, nobody can accuse RSC of deception on that front! More than a reskin, there are definite improvements made and as with any product, the value I look for is not with the initial price, but what replay value can be gained from the product in the coming weeks/months/years. Given that this unit was so widely used in the Scottish region and also the scenario opportunities that are available, I believe there is much more value than what the initial price tag suggests.

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