Thursday, 6 December 2012

Two New Free Rolling Stock Packs Released!

Malcolm (malkymackay) has just passed to me his latest creations, a Bolster C and Bolster E pack. Once again they are of a very high standard and I cannot thank Malcolm enough for once again taking the time to create these pieces of rolling stock.

The stock can be downloaded by visiting this link.

BCV Bolster C

Eight variants of BCV Vacuum Braked Bogie Bolster C steel carrying wagons, with 2 types of bogie. British Railways introduced fitted Bolster C's from 1958 & these models represent the 800 built by Swindon & Metro Cammell in 1958/59, to Lots 3155, 3162, 3200 & 3238, all fitted with Plateback bogies. The final two lots (3341 & 3397) of 600 Bolster C's were built with Davis Lloyd Cast bogies. These emerged from Swindon & Metro Cammell in 1961/62 and are denoted in the Asset List by having the suffix DL.

BEV Bolster E

Five variants of BEV Bogie Bolster E steel carrying wagons. British Railways introduced a brand new design of short bogie bolster in 1961, when 1200 wagons were produced as Lots 3343 & 3440 at Ashford. They were vacuum braked & fitted with Cast bogies and could carry a 30t load on a 32ft chassis. The wagons are presented as empty, or with a selection of self-explanatory loads. They are in late 70's/early 80's condition, by which time, the rated load had been increased to 32.5t.


  1. Thank you (and the wagon's creators) so much.

  2. Excellent some more superb Wagons to pull behind the locomotive of the players choice. Appreciate the time and effort put into these.