Friday, 7 December 2012

DPSimulation - Scenario Workshop

Are you aware that alongside the many scenarios on the official DPSimulation website, there are now over 20 high quality scenarios on the DPSimulation Scenario Workshop? In order to download these scenarios you can either enter the Workshop via the TS2013 menu and search for the scenarios, or alternatively follow this link.

From short passenger runs, to express Intercity services to full length freight scenarios, there is something for everyone. With over 12000 current subscriptions, the Train Simulator playing public seem to have responded well. Here are some comments.

Banbury Bound:  Fantastic ... I have never driven this route before but i couldnt resist the draw of a 47 ... has a really good feel of genuine traffic, i suspect it came from a genine early 90s timetable, Not really scenario related but you can see the house I used to live in when i was a small boy, one of my earliest memories was getting really excited to see a Blue Pullman pass on the embankment from my bedroom window, ... i think from now on ill pay more attention to this route .. Quality scenario!

Day Of Disruption:  An excellent and realistic scenario obviously a lot of thought has been put into making this one.It was a nice touch how darkness began to fall as the scenario progressed and just when you thought that everything was proceeding well once the HST got onto the WCML,the unexpected happens.Well done.

FEX1 - 4S31 York Holgate to Hunterston: Thanks for creating and sharing this excellent scenario. I love that it followed a typical freight timetable and routing as I appreciate an immersive experience when I am driving. Keen follower of your website and would recommend it to anyone. Highly recommended freight scenario. 

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