Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Route Challenge - Coming Soon

Thankyou to all who voted in my poll at the end of last month, it was much closer than I had envisaged. With 59% of you voting for a fictional route, that is what will happen.

Loosely based on an area west of London, the route will utilise the London to Brighton package enabling the use of the fantastic scenery assets and track enabling features such as super elevation. In fact, part of the layout I have chosen to replicate will utilise super elevation very well, which will hopefully give the route some character.

The challenge will take place sometime next week, shortly after Christmas over three days and more information will be given closer to the time. A new blog will be set up for you to follow, and regular updates will occur throughout the three days before the challenge will end, testing will commence and the route will be released.

In order to maximise route building time, I will allow myself certain allowances in order to plan and gain a head start. This will be the setting up of the route template, addition of DEM, creation of decals and any other preparatory work that I deem necessary. No track laying or scenery placement will occur until the challenge starts.


  1. Sounds very interesting Darren, im looking forward to it. Good luck!


  2. So, what route will it be then, St.Pancras International to Lille, HS1, go on y'know you want to do it..... :)

  3. Not sure I could manage that one in a couple of days Steve!