Thursday, 1 February 2018

Class 59/0 Yeoman - Released

I have just uploaded a new repaint to the DPSimulation website.

Utilising the recently released Class 59/0 which comes as part of the Chatham Main and Medway Valley Lines route now on Steam, the repaint simply adds a Yeoman logo. I initially considered just releasing it as a texture update to overwrite the default files, but it became apparent that they did run around in an unbranded livery for a while. I therefore decided to make this livery an addition to the Class 59 fleet. 

Quick Drive currently only consists of a light engine, I'll look to issue a future update to add variations with the included wagons.I'll also take a further look at the mapping to assess what improvements can be made.

This pack can be downloaded from the 'Locomotives' section of the repaints page by following this link.

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