Friday, 16 February 2018

Steam Sounds Supreme - BR Shocvan Wagon Pack

Many of you will have seen or downloaded some of Malcolm Mackay's excellent free wagons from our 'Rolling Stock' page and i'm happy to see that he has now released a high quality commercial pack with Steam Sounds Supreme.

Priced at £3.75, the BR Shocvan features both the 12t Shocvan and 20t Goods Brake Van with the following features:
12t Shocvan

    Shocvan 12t Van Dia 209, Shocvan 12t Van      Dia 218 & Shocvan 12t Van Dia 220
    All Bauxite Livery
    Empty and Loaded Physics
    Clean and Weathered Versions
    Randomized Decals
    Animated Handbrakes
    Oil Tail Lamps
    Dynamically Assigned Works Plate Details

20t Goods Brake Van

    20t Goods Brake Van to Diagram 1/504
    Lot 2741 in Bauxite Clean and Weathered versions
    Clean and Weathered Textures
    Oil Tail Lamps
    Multiple Guards Views

All wagons also come equipped with custom sounds, created by Steam Sounds Supreme. The pack can be viewed and purchased by clicking here

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