Friday, 23 February 2018

Weekend Showcase - ECML London to Peterborough - 1988/89

In this showcase we feature the popular ECML London to Peterborough route as seen in 1988/1989. During this period the first revenue earning 'Intercity 225' services started but they were mainly seen on test before their full introduction, often with a surrogate Class 43 power car. Despite still being firmily in the era of British Rail, the East Coast Main Line still featured an array of colour schemes and liveries, not unlike the modern privatised railway we see today.

Temporarily away from it's normal duties, 37068 waits in the yard north of Peterborough with a departmental working - May 1989

At Peterborough station, 91005 sits at the rear of a Kings Cross to Leeds test train. A surrogate Class 43 power car can just be made out at the front - February 1989

43193 in attractive Intercity 'Executive' livery waits time at Peterborough before heading south to the capital - July 1988

47117 passes Huntingdon with 91009 & 91007 dead in tow following their earlier failure on a test train - June 1989

31293 leads 31134 through Hitchin on a Fen Drayton to Kings Cross sand train - October 1989

86233 races past the sidings at Welwyn Garden City with the return leg of the 'Blyth Spirit' railtour - August 1989

08873 prepares to shunt a newly repainted rake of Mk3 sleeper coaches at Bounds Green Depot - June 1988

313055 stands at Hornsey while working a service from Hertford North to Moorgate - July 1989

321408 waits at Finsbury Park during pre-delivery testing - July 1989

A sight that was seen at many stations all over the network, 08724 awaits it's next duty at Kings Cross - September 1989

43053 & 43106 stand side by side in Kings Cross while awaiting their next northbound duty - August 1989

If you have any questions about the rolling stock or repaints used above, feel free to leave a comment below.


  1. Were 225s used to haul sleepers then?

  2. No, the Mk3 sleepers were used as a testing load due to most of the Mk4 coaches still being under construction.

  3. Where are the 37 and BR sleepers from? Thanks Darren!

    1. Hi, apologies for the late reply.

      Class 37 is from either or;sa=details;lid=4424

      The BR Blue/Grey Mk3 Sleepers are from WCML Over Shap, the Intercity ones are a repaint of the ones included with the Class 67 and are from or;lid=4518

    2. Thanks a lot, i'll be sure to pick these up!