Monday, 5 February 2018

Steam Workshop - 1Z81 - 0946 Church Path Pit Sidings to Tonbridge

I have just released a new scenario on the Steam Workshop.

Route: Chatham Main and Medway Valley Lines
Difficulty: Medium
Length: 60 Minutes Approx
Start Time: 09:57


This particular service in real life was booked to cover the 33 or so miles between Gravesend and Tonbridge in around 60 minutes and has been replicated as such. Due to being booked to follow a stopping passenger service for part of the journey, it is therefore slow going at times and will feature many restrictive signals. If you prefer a quicker passenger run or dislike the stop/start nature of a realistic non-priority working, this scenario is probably not for you.


This morning you are in charge of the second leg of the Bridge Too Far' railtour which took in various lines around the South-East on 28th May 2016. Driving 395005, you will drive the section between Gravesend and Tonbridge.


Starting at Gravesend, you are currently waiting at a red signal due to following another service, this should give you enough time to quickly set up your train. You will then drive to Tonbridge where this scenario will end.


This scenario has been tested multiple times and has been completed successfully. All signals worked correctly during each test and as such, the use of TAB to pass a signal is not needed. Please do not attempt to use the TAB instruction as the scenario may not function as intended.

Steam Requirements

Chatham and Medway Valley Lines
London to Faversham High Speed
Class 66 V2.0 Freightliner

Non-Steam Requirements

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66 Enhancement Pack

To visit the DPSimulation Steam Workshop, please follow this link.  


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