Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Crabenmore Branch - Railworks 3

Quite often new routes are released that receive no fanfare or slip under the radar without being even noticed by the majority of users. One such route has appeared in the Uktrainsim download library and I only noticed because someone reported it on the forum! (Cheers Rob)

Called the "Crabenmore Branch", it's a fictional highland line set in the 1950's/60's and features very impressive detail along with stunning terrain. The following is taken from the author description of the route which can be downloaded from here.

A fictional branch line set in the heart of the highlands of Scotland. Built as a light railway from Glenait to Crabenmore in 1875, the railway was extended to the fishing town of Portdornoch in 1887 including a ferry peir at Kilbrachan. Though now in BR hands and set during the 50s/60s, the main traffic includes fish from portdornoch, export from Crabenmore Distillery, as well as the local passenger service.


- (Payware) RSDL Falmouth Branch expansion pack available from steam
- UK Buildings pack 1 (Free from steam)

4 standard scenarios and 2 free roam scenarios are included with the following assets required:

- (Payware) Digital Traction Class 4MT expansion
- (Payware) RSDL Class 101 expansion from steam
- UKTS 27433: 'Ivatt Class 2 2-6-0 tender loco for TSX2012' by Kevin Martin
- UKTS 27347: 'Mk1 Maroon Pack' by adburgess1992
- UKTS 24309: 'BR 16T Mineral Wagon - Grey rusty' by rocky291
- UKTS 26443: 'Digital Tractions Brake Vans' uploaded by 67025

Use railworks package manager to install.

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