Thursday, 1 December 2011

WCML North - Update Tonight!

Months of work, all undertaken in his spare time for the benefit of the community will finally come to fruition later today with the impending release of the WCML North update from Keith Ross. The following information has previously been released by Keith to give an understanding of the features included.

The update has built upon the original release and, after several months of additional development, provides additional track mileage, new stations, scenery improvement, revised signalling and, of course, the benefits of TSX technology and TS2012 features. Time has been taken to address issues within the route that needed some improvement including rationalisation of scenery in order to reduce the number and density of distant objects and thereby improve performance. Signalling and other track related markers have been overhauled with prototypical signal numbering and approach control set up as well as accurately named track markers and new operational markers added.

The scope of the route is now even more extensive and represents the ambition as originally planned. The northern extremity of the electrified West Coast Main Line is now included with the extension of the route to Coatbridge and its Freightliner Terminal. The Strathclyde commuter network is also extended with the addition of the Carmyle line from Coatbridge linking back to the mainline at Rutherglen, the branch to the terminus at Larkhall and extension of the low level lines from Bridgeton as far as Glasgow Central Low Level. In total the update includes nearly 20 additional route miles to explore.

Things to look forward to;

• 20 miles of new route; Mossend to Coatbridge, Coatbridge to Rutherglen, Hamilton to Larkhall, Dalmarnock to Glasgow Central.
• 11 new stations.
• New Coatbridge Freightliner Terminal.
• Improvements to Shieldmuir Royal Mail Terminal including postal platform asset.
• All stations upgraded with new signage, platform objects and lighting.
• All signalling updated with prototypical numbering and approach control setup with signals added to reflect the real layout.
• Lineside scenery and overhead electrification infrastructure improved with the addition of neutral section locations and other features.
• Track markers updated with correct references and additional destinations and portals.
• Multiple fixes to track properties including the addition of TS2012 track unevenness feature.
• Multiple fixes to scenery including floating objects and terrain issues.
• Rationalisation of scenery in dense areas to improve performance.
• Addition of TSX lighting to all areas; ambient lighting to urban areas and feature lighting alongside the track.
• New TS2012 sky dome and weather patterns with accurate seasonal day/night lighting cycle.
• New Inter City Executive liveried BG/NE brake vehicle to accompany Class 86 and Mk3a coaches.
• Class 86 tap changer physics update and the addition of TS2012 locomotive lighting and windscreen effects.
• Existing scenarios revised to operate on the updated route.
• 5 new scenarios incorporating new sections of the route.

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